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Mindfully Mounted

Beyond the sheer thrill of galloping freely across a meadow on your horse, alone, communing with nature and each other, lies a deeper awareness waiting to be discovered: a profound state of Oneness between horse and rider. A relationship built on trust and complete understanding.


To achieve this relationship with the horse, it is important to be aware of our own feelings and emotions. Once we are aware of ourselves, we are able to begin a conversation with our horse, tuning in to their moods, physical comfort, and state of mind. A successful relationship between horse and rider is gained through mindful practice and great patience.


Of course, a good rider needs a strong technical foundation. The Art of Conscious Riding builds upon traditional teaching techniques to engage in active listening, breathing, and profound awareness that provides access to the sacred connection between horse and rider. 


My goal in teaching is to pass on the techniques that allow for conscious riding through the program of Mounted Mindfulness. Mounted Mindfulness is a state of being in the present moment while on horseback—not thinking, just experiencing. It is with this concept that we begin.


The mind is busy mulling over mundane tasks. It is this constant chatter that keeps us from experiencing the present moment, and thus makes it impossible to commune with ourselves or our horse effectively. 


You will be learning to ride or improving your riding abilities using various meditation practices. Students will learn to use their breath to connect to the sounds and rhythm of their horse. The practice of gently returning our awareness to the present moment proves to be the most powerful lesson we will learn. It encourages the rider to become more aware of their position, the movement and balance of their horse, and their connection with nature. 


The Art of Conscious Riding is for beginners as well as advanced riders, and is applicable to all equestrian disciplines. Come learn the skills of mindful riding for a deeper and more joyful experience with your horse! 

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