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The horse has taken Katharine Ogden on many journeys, from growing up on ponies in Pennsylvania, working with racehorses, to cultivating a love of 3 day eventing. The horse has also showed Katharine the country and the world, whether riding across Ireland, experiencing horseback safaris in Africa, or adventuring in the Himalayan mountains.


Katharine has been training, teaching and showing dressage and jumping for many years. Alongside her riding, Katharine has completed the Transcendental Meditation course and went on to study and explore Buddhism on her own.


During recovery from an injury, Katharine's horse, Triton, taught her to listen and to be aware, as well as the power of endless patience and unconditional love. This new awareness led Katharine to develop a special blend of meditation and riding.

Everything in Katharine’s life and work seems to embrace the  horse. She feels it is her turn to give back to the horse by teaching  communication and awareness between the horse and rider.

Katharine P Ogden
Practicing meditation every morning allows me to enjoy the adventures of the day. 
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